About Me

General info:

• My name is Luke
• I currently live in the Netherlands
• I speak English, Dutch and a little bit of German

How did you get your name?

Honestly, I don’t really know. I believe it started out as a nickname and thought it sounded pretty fun, I’ve since grown pretty fond of it and don’t have any plans to change it.

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I’ve been playing piano since I was a kid, I can also play the harmonica and recorder a little bit. I don’t have much experience on any other instruments.

How did you get into music?

Playing games and just sheer curiosity. So, one day I looked up how electronic music was made and ended up getting a demo of FL Studio, which I thought was great fun. A couple of months later I bought the Fruity Edition of FL Studio and that’s where I started producing a little more seriously.

How did your music evolve over time?

I started in mid to late 2017, I was really into electronic dance music at the time, mainly Big Room House and Future House. I continued making this kind of music until late 2018, where I got more into bass-heavy sub-genres like Complextro, Drum and Bass, Future Bass and Dubstep.

Around mid 2019 I started to improve at sound design and had my first collaborations. A while later, I started listening to film scores. Naturally, I wondered if I could make that too and so I got into orchestral and cinematic music.

Moving into 2020 I published my first orchestral track. Around May 2020 I started to value the importance of mixing much more, and focused a lot on that. I also got my first decent orchestral sample library at the time and realized how much I still had to learn when it comes to orchestral music, so I got to learning. Moving on I wrote some far better sounding electronic songs (e.g. Aliens, Earth (Reborn) and Woof) and bought two professional sample libraries; BBC Symphony Orchestra Core and Olympus Elements. With my newly acquired sample libraries and better composing abilities I got to work on Kirby Super Star Ultra Re-imagined, remixing the songs from one of my favourite childhood games into modern orchestral versions.

2021 was all about exploration for me, diving into unknown grounds and trying out new unusual combinations. I got into big band and jazz, made a rock song and improved on other areas such as workflow and consistently getting ideas.

2022 and 2023 we’re more about refining my craft, I finished high school and got into music college, which I’m currently still enrolled in.

Do you play any games?

I don’t play games that much, but some of my favourite games are Hollow Knight, Celeste and the Kirby franchise.