Hi, I'm Luke. I make worlds with brushes and sound.


About Me

General info:

• My name is Luke
• I currently live in the Netherlands
• I speak English, Dutch and a little bit of German

How did you get your name?

Honestly, I don't really know. People called me "LuukMans" and I decided to just use that. I later changed it to an English variant and I've stuck with that.

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I've been playing piano since I was a kid, I can also play drums a little bit. I don't have much experience on any other instruments.

How did you get into music?

From playing a lot of music based games. At one point I wondered how the music was made. So I looked up how electronic music was made and ended up getting a demo of FL Studio, a couple months later I bought the Fruity Edition and that's where I started making music.

How did your music evolve over time?

I started making music with FL Studio in mid to late 2017, I was really into mainstream EDM at the time, so basically all kinds of House. I continued making this kind of music until late 2018, where I got more into Bass-heavy genres, like Future Bass, Drum and Bass, Electro and Dubstep.Around mid 2019 I started to improve at sound design and begun collaborating with other people. A while later, I started listening to film scores. Naturally, I wondered if I could make that too and so I got into orchestral and cinematic music.Moving into 2020 I published my first orchestral track. Around May 2020 I started to value the importance of mixing much more, and focused a lot on that. I also got my first decent orchestral sample library at the time, and realised how much I still had to learn when it comes to orchestral music, so I got to learning. Moving on I wrote some far better sounding electronic songs (e.g. Aliens, Earth (Reborn) and Woof) and bought two professional sample libraries; BBC Symphony Orchestra Core and Olympus Elements. With my newly acquired sample libraries and better composing abilities I got to work on Kirby Super Star Ultra Reimagined, remixing the songs from one of my favourite childhood games into modern orchestral versions.2021 was all about exploration for me, diving into unknown grounds and trying out new unusual combinations. I got into big band and jazz, made a rock song and improved on other areas such as workflow and consistently getting ideas. As of now I am trying to refine the genres I like the most and preparing for studying media composition.

Which games do you play?

I don't play games that much anymore, I mainly focus on writing music. But my favourite games are Celeste, Hollow Knight, Just Shapes & Beats and Planet Coaster (I occasionally play Minecraft too, not a lot though).

What is the LukeMans Universe?

The LukeMans Universe is a music-based animation series where a representation of me and my friends explore an expansive fantasy world.

Hardware and Software


CPU - Intel Core i7 10th Gen
RAM - 16GB
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce MX250
Storage - 1TB SSD
Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
Audio Interface - Native Instruments Komplete Audio 1
MIDI Controller - Novation Launchkey 61 MK3
Screen - Acer Nitro VG0
Drawing Tablet - Huion New 1060 Plus


• FL Studio 20
• Serum
• Vital
• Harmor
• Sytrus
Other Instruments:
• Kontakt 6
• Reaktor 6
Sample Libraries:
• BBC Symphony Orchestra Core (Spitfire Audio)
• Tableau Solo Strings (Orchestral Tools)
• Olympus Elements (Soundiron)
• The Free Orchestra (ProjectSAM)
• Epic Percussion 2 (Splash Sound)
• Kontakt Factory Library (Native Instruments)
• Various smaller libraries and freebies
• Ozone 9 Elements
• Neutron 3 Elements
• PhoenixVerb
• Trash 2
Other software:
• Krita
• Blender
• DaVinci Resolve
• Inkscape

Music and Songwriting

What is your favourite song that you've made yourself?

I don't really have one, it shifts all the time.

Can I use your music?

Anything showcasing levels using my songs in Geometry Dash, Project Arrhythmia or any other rhythm game are fine, you don’t have to worry about anything. However, if you have a different project, contact me and we can discuss the details.

When do you release songs?

Pretty much once every month, usually on Friday at 8:00 PM CET.

Who does your artwork and visuals?

I do almost all of it myself, I've started doing digital painting at the end of 2019 and have some experience in (motion) graphics. It is sort of a second thing I really enjoy next to music.

Who are your favourite artists?

Probably OVERWERK, Mick Gordon and Two Steps From Hell.

What do you think of certain artists / composers?

• Hans Zimmer - Dodgy questions for the win.
• Michael Giacchino - He really wrote some Incredible music.
• Howard Shore - Something with a ring I think.
• Tokyo Machine - Why is every song in CAPS.
• Savant - Really inconsistent music but quite good.
• Boom Kitty - The same basses since 2013.
• Au5 - Sounds like his PC melted or something.
• Creo - Saxophones.
• MDK - Should do more collabs with Teminite.
• Bossfight - Biggest genre shift in music history, ngl.
• Spaze - Unique and pretty good.
• Panda Eyes - Can't get over his nostalgia from the late 90s.
• Teminite - Should do more collabs with MDK.
• Noisestorm - Crabs.

(Note: most of this is a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously, these artists make amazing music)



Digital Products





Buyer Instructions

Please provide some information when you commission an artwork (i.g. mood, colours, specific objects, landmarks, orientation, etc.) or a piece of music (Genre, mood, track length, etc.) If possible you can provide reference tracks/artworks too. This is not required, but it usually results in quicker deliveries.

Terms and Conditions

What I offer:

I primary draw environments, so please do not commission character art. As for music, I write mainly orchestral pieces and electronic tracks.

Delivery Times:

Can vary, of course I try to deliver as fast as possible! (Usually within 2-7 days). But, keep in mind that more expensive commissions generally take longer to finish (1-3 weeks). When contacting me with your commission I will give you an estimate of how long it will take.

Copyright and usage:

The client can use the product for personal or commercial use without restrictions, on the condition that I remain the rights to the product as well (e.g. put it in my portfolio). If you wish to have exclusive ownership of the product, you can order so in the add-ons.

Revisions and Refunds:

Commissions get 3 revisions, I might consider more though we will have to negotiate that. If you are really dissatisfied with your commission, you can ask for a refund and I'll gladly give you your money back.


Commission TypePrice
Music - Loop€15
Music - Full Track€50
Artwork - Simple€15
Artwork - Detailed€50
Other - Logo€10

Note: all commissions are an upfront pay.